Teach Kids to Go Up

We are building a primary school in a village in DR Congo, Africa

what are we doing?

Making formal education available


People are born with the ability to accomplish something valuable.  However, when the gaps separating various levels of accomplishments become too great, they create societal imbalance and weakens it. This rapidly result in vicious cycles of poverty.  We are making formal education available as as a ladder to climb out of poverty into a world of opportunities.

What is our vision?


  • Build learning facilities and making education affordable
  • Run programs to support adults learning
  • Support sustainable community development

Who are we serving?


  • Children (Making education affordable)
  • Women (Apprentice programs - underway)
  • Men (Apprentice programs - underway)
  • Community as a whole (Promoting values in sustaining a sense of place)




What are we doing now?

Building a school in a village in DR Congo, Africa

We started with 15 children in 2015-2016 and today  (2018-2019) there are hundreds kids off street into a classroom learning.

We need your support more everyday!

Support their dreams, our work

Supporting community with clean and potable water

We are working to provide access to proper sanitation and clean water  for children and their community. We don't want to see children carrying more than 5 gallons, especially if they have to walk distances to fetch water. 

We need your support more everyday!

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Just getting started and will not stop

Right now living in a village in Africa means being forgotten.  We are changing this myth and exposing the value in belonging to a village. DR Congo is just a starting point; invest in our vision and your gifts will be put in the right place.

We need your support more everyday!

become an embassador of hope

How are we funding the current work?

Individual Volunteers

People like you who believe in our vision and are excited about being ambassadors of hope are donating funds and other resources.

Local Community

The local communities called for assistance. We responded by providing a platform for formal education and they  contribute with construction materials and volunteer services. 


Our current sponsor is the United Methodist Church General Board of Global Ministries via their Advance Projects.

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